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A few weeks ago, I got to participate in School Library Journal’s Summer Teen online conference. What an impressive event! If you didn’t get a chance to stop by this year, I highly recommend a future visit.

The time went by far too quickly, but I had such a nice time chatting with readers. Thanks for the opportunity, Disney-Hyperion!


Heather: Hello everybody!
Tamara: Oh, now I’m in the right place. Hi again!
Heather: 🙂
Marilyn.Kaeckmeister: hi
Heather Crowley: If you haven’t already seen it, check out Tamara’s bio in the Speaker Bio button
Dina Sherman: Tamara, you’re our first ever author chat in this virtual environment. Thanks for joining us!
Tamara Ireland Stone: Thank you for having me! This is my first SummerTeen event and I’m so impressed!
Liza.Wiemer: It’s so great to “see” you Tamara! So excited for TIME AFTE TIME! Congrats.
Tamara Ireland Stone: Hi, Liza! It’s great to “see” you too!
Heather Crowley: Hey friends just joining us — if you have any questions for Tamara, feel free to jump in!
Tamara Ireland Stone: Thanks! I’m so excited to share this book with you guys. I can’t wait to hear what you think.
Dina Sherman: *blushing* I know I’m not supposed to have questions, since I work for the publisher, but I have one.
Dina Sherman: what was it like to write from a different character’s point of view?
Tamara Ireland Stone: Good question! I’ll be honest, it was tough at first. I knew Bennett well, but through Anna’s eyes.
Tamara Ireland Stone: Once I started getting into the story though, he really came to life for me and I absolutely loved writing from his POV
Liza.Wiemer: Question Tamara – whenever you’re ready: How was writing TIME AFTER TIME different from writing TIME BETWEEN US? More stressful? Less? Easier? How was the process different?
Tamara Ireland Stone: I think the hardest part was that I started writing Time After Time as I finishing up Time Between Us. I had to learn how to switch back and forth in POV, and keep the two storylines separate in my head.
Tamara Ireland Stone: Once I finished Time Between Us, Time After Time became easier.
Heather Crowley: Not to mention keeping timelines straight!
Tamara Ireland Stone: Having said that, I now understand why authors say that the second book is the hardest.
Tamara Ireland Stone: When I wrote Time Between Us, it was just me and these characters. But with Time After Time, I had all these other voices in my head that I couldn’t turn off.
Tamara Ireland Stone: I wanted to create a book that TBU readers would love and connect with, and I put a lot of additional pressure on myself.
Tamara Ireland Stone: It took me a while to turn off the voices and write what I knew I wanted to write.
Tamara Ireland Stone: Now I just cross my fingers and hope that you guys like it! 🙂
Dina Sherman: What a nice segue…don’t miss the e-galley of TIME AFTER TIME! you can download it from the link on the left hand nav.
Dina Sherman: 🙂
Tamara Ireland Stone: Ooh, you’re good, Dina.
Stephanie.Charlefour: What is up next for you?
Dina Sherman: (thank you)
Liza.Wiemer: Thanks so much for sharing that, Tamara! <3
Tamara Ireland Stone: Hi Stephanie! I’m working on something new. I’m not quite ready to talk about it, but I will be soon. I’m really excited about it!
Heather Crowley: You also have a young family — have they affected your writing?
Tamara Ireland Stone: You’re welcome, Liza! Thanks for the question!
Stephanie.Charlefour: 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing more about it when you are ready!
Heather Crowley: Ah, you know what it looks like we’re about out of time. (pun INtended)
Tamara Ireland Stone: I get so many ideas from my kids, Heather. They seem to make up stories all the time and they’re a constant source of inspiration!
Heather Crowley: 🙂
Tamara Ireland Stone: It’s really hard to write when you have little kids! But I love what I do and they know that. I hope I’m setting a good example for them.
Heather Crowley: So lovely that they’re storytellers as well!
Tamara Ireland Stone: Wow! Already out of time? (ha)
Tamara Ireland Stone: Thanks so much for coming by!
Stephanie.Charlefour: Thanks so much for chatting with us!
Tamara Ireland Stone: Thanks, Stephanie! I can’t wait to tell you!
Stephanie.Charlefour: I love these opportunities to chat with authors 🙂
Liza.Wiemer: Dina, I have been living to get my hands on TIME AFTER TIME, and put in a request on NetGalley awhile ago. It was rejected. Are their any issues/requirements I need to know about? I’m an auth/blogger/reviewer.
Tamara Ireland Stone: I love every opportunity to talk with readers. Best part.
Heather Crowley: Thank you Tamara and everyone who participated in the chat!
Heather Crowley: The e-galley of TIME AFTER TIME is available from our SummerTeen booth
Tamara Ireland Stone: Thanks, everyone. Enjoy the rest of this great event!
Heather Crowley: Be sure to check it out by clicking the e-galleys button to the left. There’s a widget so you’ll automatically be accepted 🙂
Liza.Wiemer: Thanks, Tamara! Wishing you tremendous success!
Tamara Ireland Stone: Aww, thanks Liza!
Tamara Ireland Stone: Bye everyone!
Stephanie.Charlefour: Thank you!! 🙂
Liza.Wiemer: Thx! I was able to download it!


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