Love Locks

Can you spot it?

I’ve been so excited to share this story with you, friends!

It took me a while to put this post together because all my writing time has been devoted to finishing my next book, EVERY LAST WORD (which I’m incredibly excited about, so time for brief and not-at-all-subtle plug: Please add EVERY LAST WORD to your Goodreads TBR list! If you loved Anna and Bennett, just wait until you meet Sam and A.J.!)

Now… back to our regularly scheduled post.

Full Bridge

A small section of love locks on Pont des Arts.

Recently, I started getting messages from readers, asking if I’d heard about the love locks on Pont des Arts. If you’ve read Time After Time, you’d know the connection.


PARIS 1995

This is one of the many reasons I love writing time travel stories. No one knows who hung the first lock on Pont des Arts, so I thought it would be romantic if Anna and Bennett were the ones to do it. (Sorry, Parisians… they had no idea it would become such a big thing!)

Time Between Us Text

In Time Between Us, I set up the idea that Bennett would eventually take Anna to Paris, so I knew it would be one of their destinations in the sequel, Time After Time.

It had to be. Because I love Paris. It’s so romantic. And if your significant other was a time traveler who could hold your hands and immediately transport you anywhere in the world, wouldn’t Paris be at or near the top of your list? It was always at the top of Anna’s.

While I was writing the first draft of Time After Time, a friend of mine told me about the love locks. I started researching and discovered that there are quite a few lock bridges around Paris. Pont des Arts was the original one, but I wasn’t sure it was the one for Anna and Bennett until I learned about its connection to the French film, Amélie.

I’ve always loved this movie, but I didn’t remember that Amélie is on the Pont des Arts when she makes the decision to start changing people’s lives for the better.

It seemed like a sign. In Time Between Us, Bennett starts out sticking to his code: He’s an observer. He doesn’t interfere. When he travels to the past, he’s careful not to change things. But in Time After Time, he begins to question this. He starts experimenting, going back in time to alter a few small moments in the lives of seven total strangers. Each one has dramatic results.

PARIS 2013

I love to write when I travel. I wrote major portions of Time Between Us in little cafés in Amsterdam, Bruges, and London (and on trains between those cities), but I wrote all of Time After Time at a desk in my office.

Until the very end.

When the book was nearly complete, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the Paris chapters were missing something. I hadn’t been to Paris in years, and Google Maps and photos weren’t doing the trick.

I had a trip to Paris planned, but it was after my final deadline. I asked my editor if I could have a little more time to refine those important Paris scenes, and I was delighted when she agreed.

Now that was magical. I got to write in Paris (a dream come true), and I got to see that incredible city through Anna’s and Bennett’s eyes.

Where Anna & Bennett first arrive...

Where Anna & Bennett first arrive…

Time After Time, Chapter 15

Time After Time, Chapter 15

Eiffel Tower

Anna’s view when she turns around and looks over the shrubs. You’ll have to pretend it’s nighttime and the Eiffel Tower is all lit up.

Eiffel Tower

Looking up…

Disposable Camera

Anna was terrified when Bennett left her on the second deck of the Eiffel Tower. But he needed to go to the gift shop for one of these…

I was able to walk through my scenes and answer some burning questions. Like this one: Can you walk along the banks of the River Seine to Pont des Arts? Is there a staircase that leads up to street level? I’d written it that way, but couldn’t I be sure.


Now I know. Yes, you can!


Just doing some fact checking on the banks of the Seine River, en route to Pont des Arts.


I spent hours on this bridge, reading the locks, taking photographs, and thinking about all the people who kissed a padlock key and threw it into the River Seine.

Love Locks

And it took me forever, but I finally found the lock Anna and Bennett left there in 1995:

Anna & Bennett's Love Lock

Anna & Bennett have a real love lock on the Pont des Arts.

Love Locks

Can you find it? Look in the lower left for the red combination lock. Anna & Bennett’s lock is to the right.

Full Bridge

Can you find it now?

Of course, Mike (the love of my life) and I also left a lock of our own. (P.S. Isn’t he cute?)

Me & Mike
Mike Signing Our Lock
Our Lock
Mike Loves Tammy 2013
At the Eiffle Tower

Okay, and get this. I’m not usually in the habit of taking photos of complete strangers without their knowledge or permission, but as we were leaving Pont des Arts, I spotted this girl across the street, window shopping.

Anna Hair

Hello, Anna hair.

Le Temps Contre Nous — the French edition of Time Between Us — released in Paris the week we were there, so I stopped by this cute little bookshop to say bonjour!

Le Temps Contre Nous

Bonjour, Le Temps Contre Nous!

But the best part: Getting this reaction from my editor when I got home and submitted the final draft of Time After Time


Happy editor = Happy readers? I hope so!

… because if I’m making her happy, I’m probably going to make readers happy, too! And happy readers make my world go ’round.

And as far as I can tell, the section of Pont des Arts that fell was on the opposite side of the bridge, so Bennett & Anna’s love lock is safe. Phew!


Characters are so real to their authors, and I love it when readers tell me that Anna and Bennett are real to them too. I hope you enjoyed their trip to Paris in Time After Time and this little photo trip from mine!


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Grand Prize

Grand Prize

Second Prize

Second Prize

In honor of that lovely lock bridge and the story that brought me to Paris, I’m giving away a very special edition of Time After Time.


  • An annotated “Paris Edition” of Time After Time, including handwritten notes in the margins about the Paris scenes (and some of my other favorites)
  • Notes and photos about real locations that inspired some of the settings, like Bennett’s school in San Francisco and his rock climbing locations.
  • Postcards from Paris!
  • Postcards from a few other Time After Time destinations, placed in key spots throughout the book.
  • A Paris journal
  • Paris notecards

What do you think — do you want this one-of-a-kind edition for your bookshelf?


  • A hardbound copy of Time Between Us
  • A Paris journal
  • Paris notecards

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If you could hang a lock on the Pont des Arts in Paris — declaring your love for anyone or anything — what would YOU write? Leave your mark in the comments.

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