It was an honor to be an affiliate blogger on The League of Extraordinary Writers last week. I decided to focus my series of guest posts on my favorite writing software and gadgets, and give you a little peek into the way I work. I hope writers will discover some new tips and tricks that they can apply to their own processes.

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I’m a software addict. Once I find a program I like, I push it to its limits and get a twisted amount of joy out of testing every single feature. I’m a gadget junkie too. I’m constantly looking for devices and apps that help me organize my world or improve my writing process.

I know. I’m a geek. I’m cool with this.

This week, I want to share the writing tools I love, because whether you’re a software/gadget junkie or not, you might find at least one of these ideas valuable to your own unique writing process.

Here are my four essentials:

1. Scrivener

I love Scrivener, especially in the early stages of a project. I use it to organize everything from my manuscript to my most commonly used research sites.

Some writers are as evangelical about Scrivener as I am (many even more so). Some have tried it and found that it didn’t fit their needs. But from what I can tell, a lot of writers are still curious about it.

If you’re in the last category, this post is for you: Five Things I Love About Scrivener. It isn’t a perfect application, and it doesn’t fit everyone’s needs, but I’ll tell you how it fits mine.

2. Evernote

I’ve been an Evernote fan ever since this application first came out. Over the last few years, the company has made many improvements in the way it organizes and synchronizes information across all your devices, making it even more killer in the mobility department. Since I’m on the move all the time, this app works exactly the way I need it to.

I consider this essential for research. I love the way it instantly captures everything from photos to websites, and it’s just fun to work in. It’s slick.

Here’s an overview on Evernote.

3. My Kindle

Wait. What is a reading device doing on my list of essential writing tools?

This might sound odd, but I do the majority of my editing on my Kindle. Once I consider a big chunk of my manuscript to be in solid shape, I want to step away from my keyboard and experience it like a reader, not a writer.

I rely on my Kindle and…

4. My iPhone

I mentioned that mobility thing, right?

I spend a lot of my day writing at my desk, but I don’t stop writing just because I leave my chair. I’m often working on a scene while I’m doing the dishes or waiting to pick up my kids or when I wake up with an idea in the middle of the night.

That’s when I reach for my phone.

My two favorite writing gadgets are my Kindle and my iPhone. Neither one was designed for writing, but I’ve found ways to make them work for me. Here’s how.

You can also find the full series on The League of Extraordinary Writers.



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