So. Things are happening over here. Lots of things. Really happening.

Here are five biggies:

1. Exciting news! Last week, I announced that Time Between Us is going to be published in Russian. This week, after a three-house auction, we sold rights to Hungarian publisher, Könyvmolykepzö. HUNGARIAN. That brings us to thirteen languages. For what it’s worth, I still haven’t completely wrapped my mind around the idea of seeing this story in English.

2. I’m hard at work on my second book, which is fun and scary and totally surreal. I’m having a blast with it and can’t wait to share more details (you know, like the title and what the book is about).

3. I’m about to dive into another round of copyedits on Time Between Us this week, making me wonder (once again), will this book ever be done?

I’ve been assured that it will because Veronica Roth says so in this fantastic post about the publishing process. Honestly, when I first found out it would take a year and a half for my book to hit shelves, I didn’t get it. Now, I do. Completely. It takes a lot of people and a tremendous amount of work to get a book out. And I’m still only on step #13 1/2ish: ARCs have been printed but not widely distributed.

But we’re getting close to that step. If you’re on NetGalley, you’ll be able to download an eGalley on May 8th. (Whoa. That’s really soon.)

Or you can get a printed ARC at…

4. BEA. (oooh, good segue). I couldn’t be more excited about BEA. I’ll be doing my first signing at the author autographing session on Wednesday, June 6 from 3:00-4:00, and I’m in great company. Please stop by and say hello!

Also at BEA, a bunch of us in The Apocalypsies are holding a meet and greet on Tuesday June 5, 2012 from 3-5 pm at the Javits Center in Room 1E04. All the details are HERE. Please come! It will be so much fun, and we’ll have lots of great stuff to give away. Oh, and there will be cookies.

5. Speaking of The Apocalypsies (ooh, rocking the segues today), we are doing another “YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes” in early May, and now that I have a cover to show off and some swag to give away, I get to participate. More details coming soon.

Oh, wait. One more thing…

6. After months of avoiding it, I decided to check out Tumblr. I knew what would happen when I did, and I was right. Addicted. Shamelessly, hopelessly addicted. If you’re into such things, you can find me at

Okay, back to writing!

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