Oh, my… it’s been a long time since my last post. I’m not very good at this, am I?

In short, I’ve had a busy travel schedule ever since Time After Time hit bookshelves, and I’ve also been working hard to finish my next novel, Every Last Word, which comes out next year. I’ve been busy, but good busy. GREAT busy. I’m meeting readers all over the country and writing a whole new story, so it’s the very best kind of busy.

But I have a lot to share, so here’s an update on all fronts!


Where do I begin to talk about the LA Times Festival of Books? It was such an incredible honor to be a guest at this event — fun and inspiring from beginning to end — and I’m grateful to my publisher, Disney-Hyperion, for making it possible for me to be there.

A few highlights:

  • I spoke on the “Somewhere in Time” panel along with four fantastic authors: Ann Brashares, Eoin Colfer, Melissa de la Cruz, and Sonya Sones. I had a wonderful time getting to know each one of them better.
  • I was thrilled to learn that Ryan Gesell was coming to the festival! Ryan is the narrator of the Time After Time audiobook, a.k.a. the voice of Bennett Cooper. He was as charming as I expected him to be, and I got to thank him personally for doing such an incredible job on the book. Have you heard him? Here. Listen!
  • When I wasn’t speaking, hanging out with my author buddies, or meeting up with readers, you could find me at the GetLit.org booth listening to a bunch of amazing teens recite classic and original poetry. It was unbelievable. My next book, Every Last Word, is about a girl who discovers a secret poetry club underneath the school theater, so you can imagine how inspiring these teens were to me.

You can find more of my photos HERE. Also, check out the photo recap of all the YA authors at the LA Times Festival of Books in Publishers Weekly.

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More photos here.


While I was in LA, I met with the team from CBS Films, and got a complete update on everything related to the Time Between Us film currently in development.

We had such a fantastic meeting. One of the highlights for me was this funny conversation about the challenges of writing time travel stories. They described meetings where they’ve filled an entire whiteboard with timelines, arrows, and stick figures (sounds so familiar!), to be sure they aren’t breaking my time travel logic as they adapt the novel to film. It’s nice to know that others relate to my time travel pain (keeping it simple is hard, people!).

We also talked about casting ideas (so fun, but sorry… I have to keep it on the hush!), the role music will play in the film (Big role! Yes!), and the international travel aspects of the story. In short, everything is on track and moving forward. And I’m now dying to read the screenplay.

I left the meeting feeling like this team (1) truly understands Time Between Us, from the time travel logic to the heart of the story, (2) loves Anna & Bennett as much as my readers and I do, and (3) wants to bring my characters to life in the best possible way. Anna & Bennett are in loving, talented hands with this team.

Curious to learn more? This recent post has more details.


I had such an incredible week touring with fellow YA authors Jessica Brody, Lauren Miller, and Jessica Khoury. Over seven days we visited six bookstores, six schools, and one library. It was nonstop fun, and I loved spending so much time with these three inspiring women.

Here are a few highlights:

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Check out the photo recap in Publishers Weekly!


On a personal note, my husband and I took a much-needed vacation last month. We love to travel, and we were thrilled to find this perfect eco-resort near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

It was our kind of travel: No roads — the resort is only accessible by boat. No pier — you have to wade in to the shore (if you’ve read my books, you already know this is my kind of place!). No phones. No Internet. No TV. Hot water, great food, and all the important stuff, but totally off the grid.

For five solid days, this was pretty much my view:


Every so often, I’d get bored. So I’d take one of the four resident yellow labs out on the kayak:

Mike and I left the compound. Once.

2014-03-15 15.23.11

It was an incredible week. I read so many books, caught up on sleep, and even wrote a few poems for Every Last Word (more on this in a moment).


I’m such a huge fan of the book fair. I always looked forward to it as a kid, and now I bring my children and enjoying watching their eyes light up. So it’s a pretty indescribable feeling to see my book on the cover of the book club flyer and find it sitting on those beautiful school library shelves.

If you posted a photo of Time Between Us at your book fair, THANK YOU. I spotted a lot of them, and pictures like these make me happier than you can ever imagine:

book fair

photo via Kimberly Derting


I’m still completely blown away by the fact that my books are published in different languages. Wow.

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Time Between Us is now available in 13 languages:

It will be available soon in Chinese (Sharp Point Press), Russian (AST Publishing), Catalan (Ediciones B), and Turkish (Ephesus/Murekkepdivit). See all editions HERE.


Time After Time is currently available in 2 languages, with a lot more on the way throughout 2014 and 2015:

I get lots of questions about the timing of foreign editions, and I’m afraid I don’t tend to know much. Goodreads is one of the best sources for covers and release dates. You can keep an eye on them HERE.

I love hearing from readers all over the world. Your kind emails, tweets and Facebook messages are so touching, and I’m always delighted to hear that Anna & Bennett’s story had an impact on you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

To show my appreciation, I’m currently doing a big international edition giveaway on my Facebook page! Check it out HERE.


I realize I haven’t said much about my next novel, but my friends… I have so much to say about this book. The truth is, it’s hard to talk about it. When I’m in the early stages of writing, I need to be alone with the story and my characters and let everything come to life for me, and I have a hard time talking about it while that’s happening. It’s still fairly new and very personal.

But I will start talking more, I promise. This story has been building in my head for four years now, and I’m thrilled that my editor and publisher shared my enthusiasm for this concept and had faith in my ability to write it.

Writing this book has been an incredible experience for me personally. I’m digging deep into the archives of long-forgotten events (which is often painful), learning about the many facets of mental illness (which is absolutely heartbreaking), and learning to be more fearless with my words than I’ve ever been before (which is totally scary and freeing at the same time). This story is complex, and it’s pushing me to be a better writer in so many ways.

And I have to admit, since this is my first book that isn’t about Anna and Bennett, it was hard to imagine falling in love with characters the same way I fell for them. But I have. And boy, have I fallen hard. It’s nice to know that I can have enough room in my writer’s heart for more friends, because Samantha (Sam), Caroline, and A.J. are pretty remarkable people. It’ll be a while before you get to meet them, but I think they’re worth the wait. I hope you love reading their story as much as I love writing it.


I leave tomorrow for the RT Convention in New Orleans! I’m so excited to be a speaker on the “These Are Days: Contemporary in YA” panel with Stephanie PerkinsAlyssa Day (aka Lucy Connors)Elizabeth EulbergGayle Forman, and Juliana Stone.

I’ll also be at all the TEEN DAY events, including the Giant Book Fair and always-awesome TEEN DAY PARTY, signing books and meeting readers. Be sure to say hello if you’re there! I want to meet you.


While I’m admittedly terrible at keeping up my blog current, I’m very chatty on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. So come say hi!

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