I have to start today’s post by thanking all the people who have made the last two weeks of the Time Between Us blog tour such an incredible success! Hyperion teamed up with Authors on the Web to put this three-week tour together, and I couldn’t be more impressed or grateful. Thanks so much, guys!

And of course, this tour wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for all the wonderful bloggers who stepped up to host. Thank you all for your fantastic interview questions, your insightful ideas for posts, and for all you’ve done to spread the word out there in the big world. You guys are A-MA-ZING! So many thank-yous!

And we’re not done! It’s the last week of the tour and we’ve saved some fun stuff for last!

Here’s what’s on tap this week:

Monday, October 22: What do you think, am I a hopeless romantic or more of a realist when it comes to love? I’m telling Books Over Boys all about my thoughts on love and fate, on soul mates and meant-to-be’s.

BONUS! TWO STOPS today! You can also read an excerpt from Time Between Us over on the lovely Lili’s Reflections. Click HERE and HERE to read.

Tuesday, October 23: Did you know that there’s a whole website dedicated to Anna & Bennett, their music, their travels, and their story? Stop by today and you’ll also find the brand new book trailer for Time Between Us! www.TimeBetweenUs.com.

Wednesday, October 24: Still not sure if Time Between Us if a book for you? Perhaps the first six chapters will help you decide! They’re free! Hyperion is hosting today’s stop, so visit Un-Required Reading and click on “SNEAK PEEK” to start reading now.

Thursday, October 25: Today, I’m giving you the backstory behind all the songs on Anna’s Playlist! Come find out why I love these songs and where each one maps to a specific chapter in Time Between Us! If you like music, don’t miss this stop at Novel Magic!

Friday, October 26: What could be more fitting for the awesome blog, Reading After Midnight, than a post on Writing After Midnight? Find out why I wrote much of Time Between Us in the wee hours of the night, and what tools I used to do it.

If you missed any of the posts from previous weeks, here’s where I’ve been blabbing away:

Week 1:

Monday, October 8: First stop is A Book and a Latte. Jen wanted to know all about Bennett’s time travel rules and I gave her the low down. Jen’s also giving away a book. Click HERE to read.

Tuesday, October 9: Addie at Bookworm Recommendations asked for an excerpt and I gave her something from one of my favorite chapters. And another giveaway! Click HERE to read.

Wednesday, October 10: Curious about the time-challenged couples who inspired me? ChapterChicks.com has the scoop! Click HERE to read.

Thursday, October 11: If I could travel like Bennett can, where and when would I go? Find out my top five times and places (complete with at least one embarrassing fact and photo!) with AnnaReads.com. Anna’s also got a giveaway! Click HERE to read.

Friday, October 12: I loved this interview with Shanyn about animals, roller coasters, and olympic events! Check out what ChickLovesLit.com wanted to know about me. Click HERE to read.

Week 2:

Monday, October 15: One of the characters in Time Between Us stopped by Fiction Freak today. I wonder who it is? Click HERE to find out.

Tuesday, October 16: Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf had a bunch of fantastic questions. Time travel, book titles, and what I’m working on next! Click HERE to read.

Wednesday, October 17: Chick Lit Teens will have an excerpt from Time Between UsClick HERE to read.

Thursday, October 18: BlookGirl wanted to know about my time travel research and which of my characters I’m most like. (Psst. The answer to that last one might surprise you.) Click HERE to read.

Thanks for joining me on the tour!

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