Writing Tools

My Favorite Writing Tools

It was an honor to be an affiliate blogger on The League of Extraordinary Writers last week. I decided to focus my series of guest posts on my favorite writing software and gadgets, and give you a little peek into the way I work. I hope writers will discover some new tips and tricks that they

When You Need Writing Help

One night, I did it. I finished my first novel. And I was ecstatic. I sat in my little office and relived that last scene in “Something’s Gotta Give”, when Diane Keaton types “THE END” on the last page of her play, throws her arms up in the air in triumph, and does a little chair-dance.

Write Time, Write Place

When I tell people I write novels, I usually get this reaction: head cocked to one side, brow furrowed, they ask, "How do you have time?" It's a fair question. I have two young kids. I have a job I love. And for more than a decade, those two reasons alone helped me ignore that

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