Every Last Word | Spanish Edition Has Arrived!

Look what just arrived! Thrilled to have my very own copy of Hasta la última palabra on release day! Thank you, Ediciones B and @sinlimitesb. And thank you, readers – I hope you enjoy this story! #EveryLastWord #spanishedition #Hastalaúltimapalabra

Every Last Word | Spanish Cover

So excited to share the cover of the Spanish edition of EVERY LAST WORD! Hasta la última palabra is coming January 27 from Ediciones B. I can’t wait to share this story with you!

Interview | El Tiempo Entre Nosotros (Video)

My good friend, Sandra, was kind enough to interview me about my new book, Time Between Us / El tiempo entre nosotros, in Spanish! We hope you enjoy this chat about the characters in the story, the reason I chose to write about time travel, and why I love writing for teens. Mi buena amiga, Sandra,

Guest Post | Love from Marbella

I am fortunate to know some amazing teens. I remember last spring when I first found out that fifteen-year-old Shona, the oldest daughter of one of our long-time family friends, asked her parents if she could spend her junior year of high school abroad. She had her sights set on a small town in Spain.

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