Ooohhh. I just got chills as I typed the title for this post. And not in a good way.

En Français.

Ooohhh. There it is again.

It’s not supposed to sound like a reprimand, but those two words just brought me right back to that uncomfortable wooden chair in my high school French class. I’ve just been called on to answer Madame’s question. The one she asked in French. And everyone’s looking at me. And I think I know the answer, but I can’t do that throaty thing you’re supposed to do with your R’s. So I answer in English. And she says in her stern voice, “Non, Tamara. En Français.”

En Français.


But they really are pretty words, don’t you think? Deserving of a better mental association than a scolding. So let’s give them a new one, shall we?

Like this:

My debut novel, TIME BETWEEN US, will be “en Français“.

Ooohhh. Chills again. But way different.

Here’s the official news clip from Publisher’s Marketplace:

French rights to Tamara Ireland Stone’s TIME BETWEEN US sold to La Martiniere, by La Nouvelle Agence, on behalf of Taryn Fagerness Agency and Caryn Wiseman of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Now if those four years of high school French stuck, I’d be able to read my own darn book in this beautiful language, but my capabilities seem to be limited to billboards and street signs. And ordering a crêpe.

Still, I’m so excited to see my story in French! And here’s the thing that really blows my mind. With this sale, TIME BETWEEN US will now be available in TEN languages:

  • American English (Disney-Hyperion)
  • British English (Random House)
  • French (La Martinière)
  • German (cbj/Radom House)
  • Greek (Platypus)
  • Italian (Mondadori)
  • Polish (Prószyński Media)
  • Portuguese (Edições Asa)
  • Spanish and Catalan (Ediciones B)

I am so grateful to my agents, Taryn Fagerness and Caryn Wiseman, who have spent the last four months selling this book with such passion and commitment. There’s only one thing to say, and it doesn’t even come close to expressing my gratitude (but at least it will sound pretty en Français)Merci beaucoup! 

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