What a nice way to start the new year! I’m thrilled with this review of Every Last Word in the January issue of School Library Connection Magazine:

In this realistic and engaging novel, Stone takes the reader directly into the mind of a teenage girl who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Sam strives to keep her disorder and her treatment hidden from everyone around her, especially the popular clique she hangs out with. This changes, though, when she unexpectedly finds a confidante and friend who is far from the girls she normally spends time with. Suddenly, feeling more normal than ever, Sam discovers truths about herself, and finds her perceptions about life and herself challenged.

This exceptional book will have readers on the edge of their seats as the plot unfolds, and as Sam finds comfort in accepting herself for who she is.

Highly Recommended.

— Maggie Norris, Librarian & Media Specialist, Byron Nelson High School, Trophy Club, Texas [Editor’s Note: Available in e-book format.]

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