These are the songs I listened to and fell in love with as I wrote each book. These are more like soundtracks than playlists–each track matches up to a key scene in the novel.

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Music Edition Notes

Listen as you read. Here’s how the songs match up:

  1. 11 Blocks, Wrabel [Emory, page 1]
  2. Scary Love, The Neighbourhood [Luke, page 4]
  3. High Enough to Carry You Over, CHVRCHES [Hannah, page 16]
  4. Last Forever, the Naked and Famous [Emory, page 21]
  5. Brighter Than Sunshine, The MIT Logarhythms [Hannah, page 40]
  6. Coastline, Hollow Caves [Emory, page 79]
  7. Devil In Me, Halsey [Hannah, page 91]
  8. Jump Start, The Hang Ups [Emory, page 97]
  9. The Departure, Max Richter [Luke, page 124]
  10. Find You, Zedd [Emory, 138]
  11. Clouds, Børns [Hannah, page 167]
  12. I Know, I Know, Shannon Curtis [Hannah, 179]
  13. Barricades, The Saint Johns [Emory, page 203]
  14. Awake My Soul, Psalm 100 [Hannah, page 205]
  15. Baby I’m Yours, Breakbot [Emory, page 215]
  16. Bridges, Broods [Hannah, page 226]
  17. Welcome to Your Life, Grouplove [Emory, page 242]
  18. Where’s My Love, SYML [Luke, page 268]
  19. Where Are Ü Now, Pentatonix [Hannah, page 272]
  20. Somebody Else, VÉRITÉ [Emory, page 290]
  21. Dare You, Hardwell [Hannah, page 318]
  22. Down Side of Me, CHVRCHES [Emory, page 324]
  23. Little Do You Know, Alex & Sierra [Emory, page 338]
  24. Apologies, Jillian Edwards [Hannah, page 343]
  25. Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Sam Tsui, Madilyn Bailey, Alex G, and Kurt Schneider [Hannah, 379]
  26. Paper Airplane, Alison Krauss & Union Station [Emory, page 383]
  27. Let the Mystery Be, Iris DeMent [Hannah, page 397]


Every Last Word (Music Video)

In an early scene in Every Last Word, AJ Olsen steps onto the Poet’s Corner stage with his acoustic guitar and plays a song he wrote called So Long, Lazy Ray. This is that song. has the full story here.

“So Long, Lazy Ray” •  Performed by Henry Hodder. Music and lyrics by Joe Rut.

Anything But Empty

The main Every Last Word playlist. For more of my thoughts on this, check out my interview in Justine Magazine.

Song For You

With AJ on her mind, Sam makes this acoustic guitar playlist. This three-word playlist title is taken from Alexi Murdoch’s Song for You

Right Beside You

The playlist Sam makes this playlist for Caroline. Every song on this playlist was released between 2003-2007, but only readers will understand why.

In The Deep

This playlist is special. It was created by C, the real-life teen who inspired me to write Every Last Word. As you’ll see, she has excellent taste in music.


Anna’s CD Shelf: 1991-1995

Bennett’s Playlist: 1995-2012


Anna’s CD Shelf: 1991-1995

Bennett’s Playlist: 1995-2012

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