Every Last Word (Paperback) - Now Available
Time and Time Again - Now Available

They’re finally here, friends! I have two new books out in the great big world today: Time and Time Again, the gorgeous new bind-up of my time travel series, and the paperback edition of Every Last Word.

Time and Time Again is a collection of my two time travel books, Time Between Us and Time After Time, now bound together in one stunning new cover. If you haven’t heard the story behind this cover art, take a moment to read THIS POST. The whole thing was created entirely with cut and curled paper by artist Sabeena Karnik, and I’m absolutely in love with it!

These two novels are so close to my heart, and I’m forever grateful to everyone who read and reviewed them. It’s been four and a half years since Time Between Us made its debut, but I still get the most heartfelt messages from readers, telling me how much this story spoke to them. Huge thank yous to Hyperion Teens for giving my series a whole new look and a chance to reach a bunch of new readers!

Every Last Word is also out in paperback today, so if you love words and bendy book covers, this one’s for you! This novel came out two years ago this week, and I feel like there aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am to those of you who read (and re-read) and recommended it. Your love and support for Sam and her story means more to me than you’ll ever know.

The paperback features this amazing stepback design, so when you open the front cover, this is what you’ll find on the inside:

Every Last Word (Paperback) - Inside Cover

More thank yous to Elizabeth Eulberg, Marianne Follis, Kathleen Caldwell, Melanie Koss, and Arnold Shapiro for sharing such kind words about my story. And those awards? Thank you, readers. You made every one of those happen by reading this book and passing the love along.

I think I’ve gone overboard with gratitude in this post, but whatever… I’m saying it again. THANK YOU!

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