You know, most days I’m still just trying to get my head around the idea of having a real book out there in the world. When I think about seeing it printed in various languages with different and beautiful covers… Wow. Just, wow.

So you can imagine how giddy I am about this.

It’s the UK cover…

I’m so grateful to the incredibly talented team at Random House UK for creating such a stunning cover. Now there are two images I can’t seem to stop staring at.

Both covers capture Anna’s curly hair (this is important). And as with the U.S. cover, there’s that beautiful space between Anna and Bennett. Boy, do I love that.

One cover has a lighter, more beachy feel, while the other highlights the snow. And that’s perfect — both settings play huge roles in the book. describes Time Between Us as “…a deeply compelling, romantic and utterly heart-rending story about falling in love for the first time — with the one person you simply cannot be with.”  

The UK edition of Time Between Us will be available on October 25, 2012.


What do you think of the cover? Would it make you grab this book off the shelf to learn more?

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