I have been really quiet about my next novel, Little Do We Know, mostly because I’ve been working on it nonstop for the last seven months. But I’ve been having a wonderful time bringing these characters and this story to life, and I’m so glad the news is out, because now I can finally tell you what I’ve been up to!

As with all my books, this idea came to me at the worst possible time—right when I was smack in the middle of writing my previous novel. I tried to ignore the shiny new idea. When it wouldn’t go away, I took a day to write out a brief synopsis, and then tucked it away for future reflection. But this idea kept nagging at me. It felt interesting. And challenging. It would require me to push myself as a writer. It would be personal in many ways, forcing me to be braver with my words than I’d ever been before. I knew wanted to tackle it as my next project.

I’m delighted that my agent and my team at Hyperion Teens have wholeheartedly shared my enthusiasm for this book.

Like Every Last Word, Little Do We Know is a story about friendship, but this one takes a different point of view. In Every Last Word, I emphasized the importance of parting ways with friends who didn’t make you feel like your best, most authentic self. In Little Do We Know, I wanted to talk about holding on to friendships that matter, even when it’s hard. Even when you feel like you’re moving in opposite directions and the odds seem stacked against you.

My stories tend to explore the dynamics of female friendships (Anna and Emma in the Time Between Us series, Sam and Caroline/Sam and The Eights in Every Last Word). I’ve always been fascinated by the unique and sometimes challenging relationships girls share (I can’t wait to talk about this topic at YALLWEST later this month) and it’s a theme I plan to keep exploring in my work.

Tales of friendship are always timely, but I felt this story was timely for another important reason. More than ever, it seems our world needs examples of love and acceptance. Not just tolerance. Acceptance. Accepting others for exactly who they are, who they love, how they live, what they believe. Those are the kinds of stories I want to put out into our big, diverse, beautifully unique world.

I’m so grateful to my editors, Emily Meehan and Julie Moody, for believing in me and helping me make this story match my vision, and I’m thrilled to be partnering on a fourth book with this incredible team at Hyperion Teens! And special thanks to my so-much-more-than-an-agent, Caryn Wiseman, for always listening to my crazy ideas and helping me figure out how to turn them into actual books other people might want to read. I’m a writer who needs a village, and this village is a truly remarkable one!

Enormous tackle-hugs and thank-you’s to my readers for all your support over the years. You make every day fun and rewarding, and I couldn’t do this work without your kind words and ongoing encouragement. I hope you’re as excited about Little Do We Know as I am. I can’t wait to share this story with all of you!

More to come. Stay tuned!


Emily Meehan at Disney-Hyperion has bought North American rights to New York Times bestselling author Tamara Ireland Stone’s fourth young adult novel, Little Do We Know, about former best friends and the boy whose near-death experience forces them to reexamine everything they believe about themselves and each other.  Pitched as Saved! meets Eleanor & Park, this saints and sinners story is told through the eyes of a two teen girls who let their differences rip them apart, until one is forced to admit her secrets and the other her mistakes, leading them to a middle ground where each can be exactly who she is, without judgment. Little Do We Know is planned for release in spring 2017, with Emily Meehan and Julie Moody to edit. Caryn Wiseman at The Andrea Brown Literary Agency brokered the deal, Taryn Fagerness is representing the book internationally, and Michelle Weiner of CAA represents film/TV rights.

(Source: publishersweekly.com)

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