So… Are any of you as excited as I am about seeing Anna and Bennett on the big screen?

Can’t you just picture Anna’s room, with the map on the wall, the CDs on the shelf, and the stars on the ceiling?

How about that scene in Ko Tao, Thailand? Wouldn’t that beach make an incredible setting?

Can you picture the bookstore? The snowy track? The Donut? The scene with the letter…

Guys, can you hear the soundtrack?


I’ve been getting lots of questions from Time Between Us fans about movie plans and I haven’t been able to share details, but trust me when I say that there has been a lot going on behind the scenes!

Today, I can finally fill you in on TWO big pieces of news:

1. CBS Films renewed the option for Time Between Us. CBS Films initially bought the rights to Time Between Us (full story in Variety) around the time we sold the publishing rights to Disney-Hyperion. The film is still considered “In Development,” but by renewing the option, the studio is demonstrating that it remains committed to bringing this story to the big screen.

In other words: Things are moving forward!


2. Tod (Kip) Williams is attached as Writer/Director. Producer Robin Schorr said she was “aiming high” for a writer and director, and she certainly came through with a combination writer/director in Kip Williams. Kip has an incredible resume. He’s currently directing Cell (based on the novel by Stephen King), he wrote and directed The Door in the Floor (the adaptation of John Irving’s novel A Widow for One Year), and he directed Paranormal Activity 2.

But it’s not just his resume that made me think he’d be the perfect writer. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Kip both by phone and in person to discuss his thoughts and plans, and I have to tell you, I’ve been so impressed with him. His passion for this project is apparent. He completely gets this story and has a very clear vision for bringing it to life. I can’t wait to read his screenplay.


Honestly, I can’t say enough about the incredible people behind this project. In addition to the time I’ve spent with Kip, I’ve had the chance to meet the team at CBS Films and RCR Pictures in person, and I simply can’t imagine Time Between Us in better hands. Kip, Robin, and everyone at CBS Films has shown great respect for the original material, and they say that their goal is to “make me proud” with their adaptation. Wow. Doesn’t that speak volumes? I couldn’t be happier.


Now, I’m sure you have questions, so I’ll do my best to answer them (and you can ask your own in the comments.)

What does an “option” mean?  Movie studios buy the exclusive rights to turn a manuscript into a film. The option is typically for 18 months. At the end of that time, the studio has three choices: (1) “Green light” the project and begin production, (2) extend the option for another 18 months, or (3) decide not to move forward. While it isn’t a green light, the renewal is a very important step that brings us closer to saying things like “Time Between Us: Coming soon to a theater near you!”

Is Time Between Us going to be made into a movie?  There are no guarantees, but we now have a full team in place — studio, producer, writer, and director — and a draft of a screenplay. Things are progressing in a positive direction. I’m extremely optimistic.

Who will play Anna and Bennett? Emma? Justin?  Casting is up to the studio and production team, and I expect they’ll be focusing on the screenplay before they do anything else. But in the meantime, let’s have some fun with it, shall we? (See fan casting contest below!)

Are you involved in the movie?  Not officially, but over the last two years, Robin, Kip, and the rest of the team have asked me lots of questions and demonstrated great respect for my story and characters. I’ve been thrilled with the level of involvement they’ve given me so far.

Will they dramatically change Time Between Us?  Kip has a tough job. He’s transforming a 384-page book into a 100-page screenplay. I have no idea how he’ll do this, but I have a lot of confidence in him. I think he’ll pick the parts you’ll most want to see on screen and leave the rest for readers to appreciate in their own imaginations.


Now, let’s have a little fan casting fun. Do you have the perfect Anna in mind? Is there a Bennett who’d melt your heart? Can you picture a sharp-tongued Brit to play Emma, or a laid back music-loving Justin?

Post photos and/or names on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram using hashtag #TimeBetweenUsMovie, or share your dream cast in the comments below. The Rafflecoper form will tell you how to earn even more points. The contest will run for two weeks.

I’ll send the winner a giant Time Between Us/Time After Time prize pack that includes: One signed hardbound set of Time Between Us and Time After Time, a Time Between Us coffee mug, and a $20 iTunes gift card. The second place winner will receive THREE copies of the Time Between Us paperback — one to keep and two to give to friends (or keep… or donate… your call). Contest open internationally and ends at midnight on December 3.

Let’s go! I can’t wait to meet your Time Between Us dream cast!



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