I was absolutely stunned when I learned that my first novel, Time Between Us, was going to be published. But then I got my first offer from a foreign publisher, and that was even harder to get my mind around. My book was going to be published in other languages? It seemed too wonderful to be true.

Three books and twenty-four translations later, I still find the whole thing magical. Every time a new foreign edition arrives, I open the cover and stare at the pages, feeling so grateful to the publishers and translators who make it possible for my stories to reach readers around the world.

And now, something even more surprising and magical is happening.

Last month, I learned that the German edition of Every Last Word, Mit anderen Worten: ich, was nominated for the Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis. This week, I found out that it has been nominated for the prestigious Buxtehuder Bulle, the German book award for young people’s literature.

Mit anderen Worten: ich is in incredible company with four other novels, all selected by a jury from over ninety titles. “These are all emotionally gripping stories.” says award organizer, Ulrike Mensching.

It is already such a privilege to see my stories in a variety of languages. To see them recognized this way is an indescribable honor.

I’m so grateful to my German publisher, Magellan, for everything they’ve done for Mit aderen Worten: ich, and to Sandra Knuffinke and Jessika Komina for translating this story with such love and care.

And of course, none of this would happen without my amazing readers in Germany. Thank you for every kind word and every beautiful picture. It means the world to me to see my book in your hands and to know that it’s made a difference in your lives.

Vielen dank!

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