Absolutely honored to see EVERY LAST WORD on this important list and alongside so many incredible books. Thank you, Barnes & Noble Teen readers!

Every Last Word, by Tamara Ireland Stone
Finding authentic, truthful depictions of obsessive compulsive disorder in young adult literature can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. In this case, Tamara Ireland Stone’s Every Last Word is the treasure chest. Sometimes our societal image of OCD fixates on the “obvious” symptoms: counting, obsessive washing, rituals that play out in public. Though Samantha’s OCD is easier to hide, her life is slowly and carefully imploding. She is one of the It Girls of her school, popular, impeccably dressed, not a hair out of place, and yet plagued by obsessive thoughts, worries, and rituals that control her entire life. When Sam discovers a secret poetry club at school and a new group of friends, she’s forced outside her comfort zone and begins to reevaluate the clash of her internal life and her external life. Every Last Word will especially appeal to readers who love books about girls navigating tricky friendships and the perils of mental illness.
–Katherine Locke, author of Second Position

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