When I created the Time Between Us & Time After Time playlists, I was a purist about two things:

(1) Keeping Anna’s playlists limited to songs that were relevant and popular in 1995

(2) Mapping the songs to the events in the books, so they play like a soundtrack.

Throughout the process of writing these two books, I’ve also collected songs that don’t conform to either of those rules. Songs that have perfect lyrics or set the right mood for a particular scene. Songs tell a story about first love, or missing someone far away, or having to make big choices.

Anna Timeless:  Beautiful, fun, and occasionally angst-y songs that aren’t limited to the early and mid-90s. As long as the lyrics are relevant, anything goes.

Bennett’s Garage Mix:  Current stuff mixed with some mid-90’s sounds. If you’ve read Time After Time, you know about Bennett’s garage. Even time travelers need a place to hide away from the world and listen to music for a while.

They aren’t in any order. Shuffle away.



I know you hear Anna and Bennett’s story in the lyrics of your favorite music, because many of you take the time to tell me, sending me links to a “perfect Anna song” or an “amazing Bennett song.” You have no idea how much I love it when you do that.

So the best part about these playlists? They’re not mine — they’re yours, too.

If you’re on Spotify, just add your songs. Both playlists are collaborative.

If you’re NOT on Spotify, leave the song title/artist in the comments and I’ll add it for you.


I hope you enjoy the music. I can’t wait to hear the songs you add.

Anna Timeless

Bennett’s Garage Mix



I got you stared. Now go add some songs of your own. Remember, if you’re not a Spotify member, leave song title/artist in the comments and I’ll add it for you.


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