Today is the first day of the Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop, and I couldn’t be more excited about the person who’s kicking off this five month music/giveaway extravaganza: Jessica Love with a pick from Bennett’s playlist!

If you haven’t heard Jessica’s song, CLICK HERE first. Then come back so I can tell you more about her!


Jessica and I met at the Big Sur Writing Workshop in December 2010 when we were assigned to the same critique group. I was really nervous. I’d never shared my writing with complete strangers before, let alone read it aloud, and I think my hands were shaking the whole time. But Jessica and the rest of the group were so kind and gave me such constructive feedback. When it was Jessica’s turn to read, she didn’t seem nervous at all. Her story was fantastic and I remember being so impressed with her writing.

I had a feeling we’d like the same books, and the more we talked, the more we learned that was true. She told me to read Anna and the French Kiss and, of course, I fell in love with it like everyone else who reads it does.

We stayed in touch on Twitter, and that’s where we discovered that we also had similar taste in music. We’ve bonded over lots of bands, but Silversun Pickups… that sort of sealed our musical kinship.

I love these guys. To me, they sound like a more current Smashing Pumpkins, which makes them feel even more relevant to my stories. Anna would be a Pumpkins fan in 1995 and Bennett would love Silversun in present day, right? Of course.

When I heard THIS SONG off their current album, I loved it instantly. And it perfectly matched a scene I’d written a few weeks earlier that takes place “underneath a million leaves.” It’s a beautiful, swoony, perfect song.

So thank you, Jessica, for your wonderful pick and for kicking off our blog hop. Mostly, thank you for being a book and musical kindred spirit, an amazing writer, and an all around really nice person. I’m so lucky to know you!

— Tamara

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