So, what do you think? Are you guys having fun with the Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop? I sure hope so, because I’m having a blast sharing the music and reading your comments. Thank you! And thanks to all of you who have entered my blog partners’ giveaways — congratulations to all the winners so far.

I’m listening to today’s song on repeat as I write this post. I probably listened to it hundreds of times as I was writing Time After Time. It’s from an epic 90’s band and they’re from Chicago, so music-loving Anna Greene from nearby Evanston, Illinois would have most definitely been a fan!

Speaking of fans, I’m such a big fan of today’s blog partner, Alice Marvels! This site has fantastic, well-written, and insightful reviews, and there’s a great section called Bookjams that features book-related playlists from both the review staff and readers. It’s such a fun site, and I was thrilled that they wanted to be part of this playlist blog hop.

This song was Alice and her team’s first choice, and they certainly aren’t alone in their love for this band and this tune. The album earned the band seven Grammy Award nominations, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year, and it’s one of Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The video for this song won six awards at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Until a year and a half ago, I’d only heard the album version of this song. But as I was researching the music of the mid-90’s (yes, this is the kind of book research I get to do… love my job), I found this live acoustic version — beautifully slowed down so you can really hear the lyrics — and that’s what made me fall in love with it all over again. I immediately knew I’d found the perfect song for Anna’s playlist.

Want to hear it? CLICK HERE.

Cover art for the single, drawn by the lead singer.


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