We’re nearing the end of our Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop (click here for more details) — only few more stops left. I hope you’ve been having fun with Anna and Bennett’s music!

I have thank all the wonderful bloggers who have brought so much enthusiasm to this five-month event, and all the people who have played along by commenting on our posts, following us online, and joining the giveaways. THANK YOU!

Today, we have a special treat. We have two hosts and two new songs — an Anna song and  a Bennett song. Check them out HERE and HERE, and come back so I can tell you about Molli and Lenore.


molli and kay

Meeting readers, Kay and Molli

People often ask me about the highlight of the last year and my answer is always the same — meeting readers. I get to know a lot of them online, and while that’s wonderful, it’s even better when I get to meet them in person.

Molli wrote one of the very first reviews of Time Between Us, and her words nearly moved me to tears (they still do). I sent her a message to thank her for taking the time to share her thoughts about the book, and we’ve been talking online ever since.

Last summer, Molli came to California. We met for coffee and talked about everything from our current writing projects to our favorite TV shows. It was an absolute joy to get to know her better.

Molli picked a song from Bennett’s list that’s incredibly special to me. I’ve loved it for years, but it took on new meaning when I started writing Time After Time. It’s a song about being in a beautiful place and wishing the person you love could be there to share it with you. It describes how Bennett feels about San Francisco, the city he loves and calls home, and Anna, the person he misses every time he’s there.


Today’s second song is from Anna’s playlist and comes courtesy of my friend, Lenore Appelhans, author of The Memory of After, YA book blogger, and big-time music lover.

Earlier this year, the two of us were on a panel together at the St. Louis County Library and the next day, we drove to Kansas City for the RT Convention.

lenore road trip

What a fun road trip! We talked and listened to music the entire time, playing everything from our current favorites to songs from our book playlists (Lenore’s The Memory of After playlist is fantastic. Check it out HERE). By the time we arrived in Kansas City, our voices were shot from all that singing.

When Lenore heard this song from Anna’s Time After Time playlist, we knew she had to be the one to reveal it (you’ll see why HERE). This song just feels like the mid-90’s, and while it’s upbeat, the lyrics tell a story about missing someone who used to a big part of your world and no longer is. I think Anna could relate.


Molli, Lenore, and I hope you enjoy today’s songs!


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