Friends! It’s the 8th of July and you know what that means? Well… actually it means two things:

#1: It’s the 8th, and that means it’s time to reveal a new song from Bennett’s playlist.

#2: It’s July, and that means that Time After Time will hit shelves three months from today! THREE MONTHS! Whoa…

I hope you’re all having fun with the Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop (I know we are!). First, Jessica Love shared her pick from Bennett’s playlist. Two weeks ago, Jen from A Book and a Latte unveiled her favorite from Anna’s. Today, we’re back to Bennett with song #2 from… *drumroll*…

Jessica Baker at Just a Book Lover!

I LOVE Jessica’s post about the song she chose. If you don’t know what it is yet, pop on over there, and then come back because I have some words to say about the day I met Jessica.

Last September, two weeks before Time Between Us hit shelves, I had the honor of speaking at the Austin Teen Book Festival. Now, I’ve done a lot of public speaking in my career, but this was the totally different. It was the first time I’d ever been on a panel, talking about writing and storytelling with actual authors (until that moment, I don’t think it had hit me that I was one). It was the first time I’d ever spoken with a roomful of total strangers about this story (you wouldn’t think it would feel awkward, but it kind of does). And it was the first time I’d ever seen THIS MANY copies of my little book in one place.

Do I look happy, or what?

So sure… I was nervous about my two panels. Then those went well and I started to feel okay about this whole “talking thing,” so I took some deep breaths. And all was good. Until I realized that I was about to go sign some books.

I’ve always loved this line from Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone, which really sums it up well:

“A horrible thought struck Harry, as horrible thoughts always do when you’re very nervous.”

What if no one talks to me? What if I don’t sign a single book? I mean, I’m in this room with all of these amazing authors. I was tempted to just leave my station and go join the nice looking people in Ally Condie’s line.

But I sat there, pink Sharpie in hand, and guess what? People came up and said hello. They told me they thought my book sounded interesting and asked me to sign things, including books. A few people even brought their advance copies along and came up to tell me how much they enjoyed the story (to which, I think I asked in disbelief, “You read it?”). It was amazing. I even have pictures to prove it.

Now, one of those lovely people who came up to talk with me that day was Jessica Baker. She told me she enjoyed our panel and asked me to sign her book and her poster. We started talking about music because, well, we were in Austin and that’s what you talk about if you find people who love music and are lucky enough to live in Austin. And she was so nice. She made me feel relaxed and totally at home there.

Jessica just recently told me that she could only buy one book that day and she picked Time Between Us. (Whoa, right?). Recently, she posted a few photos that made me smile, like this one:


“Bennett makes me smile so flipping hard.” — Jessica


The two of us have stayed in touch on Twitter ever since we met in Austin. We continued chatting about books and music, so when I first had the idea for this blog hop, I knew Jessica had to be part of it. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was that she picked this song.

It’s such a perfect song for Bennett’s story. I’m not giving anything away here, because this is from the official synopsis:

They found a way to stay together, against all odds. It’s not a perfect arrangement, though, with Bennett unable to stay in the past for more than brief visits, skipping out on big chunks of his present in order to be with Anna in hers. They each are confident that they’ll find a way to make things work…

This song captures how it feels to be in a long distance relationship, completely in love with someone you can’t be with as often as you want to be. It’s a song about loving every second of your time with someone, even though you know that painful goodbye is inevitable.

I love Jessica’s story about how this song spoke to her. It happened for me pretty much the same way.

I don’t have a picture of the day I met Jessica, but… I collect the Post-it’s from all my signings because I love knowing that I’ve met some of these wonderful readers. It was fun to go back through my pile and find this:


Thank you, Jessica, for choosing this incredible song and for being part of the blog hop. And, thank you for stopping by my table that day. I’m so glad you did!
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