Can you believe it? Time After Time will be out in the world in almost two weeks!

Over the last five months, ten wonderful bloggers have helped me count down the days to release by unveiling songs from the new Time After Time playlists. I’m so grateful to all of them:

with christinaToday’s song comes courtesy of Christina at Ensconced in YA!

I was fortunate to meet Christina last May when I spoke at the St. Louis County Library. I got to know her better when she joined the group for dinner that night and we’ve been friends ever since.

Christina picked a song from one of my all-time favorite albums. This band is still popular today but they were just making their debut back in 1995. As I was writing Time After Time,  this song popped up on my Pandora station and I knew immediately that it had to have a home on Anna’s “CD shelf”.

Unlike some of the other songs on our playlists, this one isn’t about missing somebody you love. No one’s complaining about a long distance, less-than-ideal relationship. It’s just a song about appreciating what you have — enjoying that this person is part of your life — even though the circumstances aren’t perfect. I like that.

Click here to read more about Christina’s song choice and the giveaway she has for you.

Be sure to come back on Tuesday, October 8 — RELEASE DAY  — when Elena from Novel Sounds will reveal the last song on our blog hop (you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to share this song), and I’ll unveil both playlists in their entirety!


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Which song is your favorite?

Which playlist do you like best?

I love your suggestions! What song just has to be on Anna or Bennett’s final Time After Time playlists?



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