Happy November!

First, a shout out for those of you doing NaNoWriMo this year. Good luck, have fun, and happy writing! You’re all rockstars!

So, did you see the winners for the YAmazing Race yet? If not, you can find the FOUR prize pack winners HERE.

Special congratulations to CHERYL, the Smashing Pumpkins winner! In addition to all the other Smashing Pumpkins books and goodies coming your way, I’m sending you a copy of Time Between Us and a bunch of other swag. Congratulations and happy reading!

And now… the winner of my YAmazing Race Time Travel contest. I asked you to give me your dream time travel destinations and I was blown away by your creative ideas, inspired by your locations, and touched by your personal stories. Thank you to everyone who entered, and thanks for the follows on Twitter, likes on Facebook, and for adding Time Between Us to Goodreads!

After a random pull from the fishbowl, the WINNER IS:


Okay, now I have to tell you. I loved reading every comment on this post, but I was pretty delighted when I picked Ashley’s name and went back to read her time travel wish. Here’s what she said:

Oh dear, within my lifetime?! This is totally random, but I’d love to travel back to Pisa anytime in the 2000s. I lived in Italy from 96-99 and we visited Pisa and the Leaning Tower tons of times (one of my fav places to go!). It used to be open to the public, but then they said nobody was ever allowed to go into it for fear it would be too heavy on the leaning side and one day make it topple. WELL, we found out that just after we left (maybe a year or so?), they re-opened it and now people can go in! It is seriously on my Life List to go back there and finally get into the Leaning Tower haha.

I’ve only been to Italy once, but it instantly became one of my very favorite places in the world. I can’t time travel like Bennett does, so I rely on writing to magically transport me anywhere I want to go. When I was writing one of the key scenes in Time Between Us, there was never a question as to where it would take place: a tiny town in Italy that happens to be close to Pisa! So Ashley, I don’t know what you’ll think about the rest of my story, but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy Chapter 27. :)

I’m sending you this world travel/writing inspired gift basket:

Inside you’ll find:

  • A very special signed hard copy of Time Between Us. It’s annotated with music facts and stuffed with surprises along the way!
  • An iTunes download of the Time Between Us playlist of your choice
  • Time Between Us coffee mug
  • A journal
  • A hot-of-the-press Time Between Us T-shirt
  • Bookmarks and stickers

Thanks one more time to everyone who shared their stories! You can read them HERE.

Want another chance to win a copy of Time Between Us? I’m giving away THREE signed hardbound books over on Goodreads:

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Time Between Us

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Thanks again for playing! You guys make these things so much fun.


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