If you wanted to join us for the SWAP’D launch party but couldn’t, here’s something fun… I’m bringing the launch party to you!

Sadly, you’ll have to supply your own tasty treats (we went through a LOT of candy). And I can’t meet you in person or thank you for coming with a great big hug (boo!). But hopefully, this is the next best thing. Consider yourself hugged and thanked!

The good news is that I can still sign your book. If you buy a copy of SWAP’D anywhere books are sold OR borrow a copy at your local library before March 31, I’ll send you a signed bookplate, bookmarks, stickers, and an exclusive Swap’d PopSocket* (*while supplies last). Details here.

Special thanks to my local independent bookstore, Orinda Books, for making this night so wonderful!

Enjoy your time at the party! And thanks for Swap’n.

We’ll kick things off with a short recap of CLICK’D (with a lot of help from my awesome guests!). Remember Allie’s best friends. How about her archenemy?

SWAP’D picks up four months after CLICK’D leaves off. Like Book #1, there’s a big challenge. And lots of chaos. Here’s how it all starts!

Allie and Courtney are on a mission to buy a plane ticket to California. Which seems totally impossible. Until… Ms. Slade gives out the next assignment!

I could tell you how Allie and Courtney’s game works, but it’s more fun to show you. Let’s play Would You Swap? (This is where the party gets especially fun! Play along! Let’s see those hands!)

Why do things always have to go wrong for our protagonist? So unfair. What do you think goes wrong this time?

I loved coming up with all the funny avatars in this story. I won’t tell you about all of them–some you have to find for yourself–but I’ll let you in on my secret and tell you about a few. Including my favorite superhero. And… my favorite superhero pig.


“[Allie] has to (believably) stumble and fall before she finally begins to gain some needed wisdom and maturity. Entertaining and engaging…” — Kirkus Reviews

“Packed full of middle school drama—best friends, arch enemies, cliques, crushes, and sports—this novel will surely please its intended audience. Fast-paced and tech savvy… Readers will find a well-written story that supports the premise of remaining true to friends and building strong relationships.” School Library Journal

“Stone has a talent for pacing and this quick-moving story will keep young readers interested until the end. The immersive middle school setting and supportive cast of characters are fun and enjoyable.” Deseret News

“[In Swap’d], Stone is able to put a unique twist on the constant ups and downs of being a middle schooler in the 21st century. She emphasizes the importance of friends, family and following your heart while also touching on what it’s like for girls in male-dominated fields like computer science. Readers of all ages will be able to relate to Allie and her adventures, and take positive messages away from this engaging story.” —BookTrib


You haven’t read CLICK’D yet? Well here’s your chance. It’s just $0.99 on all eBook platforms right now!




Can you get 60/60? I bet you can! Earn points along the way and I’ll tell you what your final score reveals about YOU. Let’s play!

Swap'd Audiobook


I loved the CLICK’D audiobook, and I’m so excited that the talented Suzy Jackson is back for the sequel! Check out this sample. I dare you not to smile. Especially when she says, “Actually…”. Thank you, Suzy and Recorded Books!



Download this wonderful guide created by Kiki Prottsman, who writes books, makes YouTube videos about computer science, and works with many organizations to improve the experience of girls and women in STEM.

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