The second book in my middle-grade series hit shelves in February, and I’ve spent the last three months visiting schools around the country talking about CLICK’D and SWAP’D.

The travel is over (for now), but I’m not ready for the fun to end, so I’m packing my schedule with virtual visits for the new school year!

I’d love to meet your students through the magic of technology. Would you like me to come to your school or classroom via Skype or Google Hangouts?


My presentation for this tour is fun, fast-paced, and interactive (I like to see your kids with their hands in the air!). It’s full of pop culture references that will get them giggling, personal anecdotes that will help us connect, and a short exercise to get them thinking about the stories they all have inside. I’ll spend some time introducing them to my books, but I’ll leave a lot of time for discussion and Q&A. I want each student to leave the session feeling inspired to read all kinds of stories, not just mine.

Still, I find my school visits are most effective when I’m not a stranger in your classroom. A little bit of buzz goes a long way. Even if only some of your students have read my novels, it makes a huge difference in overall enthusiasm and makes our visit feel more like a friendly book club chat than a formal presentation. You can help by having a copy of CLICK’D and SWAP’D in your classroom or library, encouraging them to read these stories, and talking about them together. After all, if they know my books, they already know me in some big ways!


  • This presentation is best for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.
  • Sessions will be 45-minutes—roughly 30 minutes of interactive presentation + 15 minutes of Q&A.
  • These sessions are only available using Skype and Google Hangouts.




(1) Your classroom or library must be Skype or Google Hangouts-enabled, meaning:

  • Your classroom, library, or media center has a Skype or Google Hangouts account
  • There is a TV, monitor, or screen that all participants can see
  • There is a two-way audio connection
  • Your school’s IT expert is familiar with Skype/Hangouts, and can be on hand during our event to be sure the technology won’t get in the way of our fun!

(2) Your classroom and/or library has at least one copy of CLICK’D and one copy of SWAP’D. Visits are always most successful when students have access to my books in advance.

(3) You’re willing to distribute order forms so interested students can purchase personalized, signed books. My independent bookstore partners will make it easy! They’ll work closely with you to be sure you have books, order forms in advance, and anything else you need.


Virtual visits are wonderful, but nothing beats an in-person event. If you’d like me to consider coming to your school, please let me know!

Thanks so much for your interest in my stories, and for all you do to support children’s books and the KidLit community. I can’t wait to meet you and your students!

Skype Tour

  • Please note that all information gathered here is for my planning purposes only and will never be shared or sold. I will add your name to my newsletter mailing list if you agree.
  • In order for your school or classroom to be considered, I need to be invited by a staff member. Your title:
  • For tech emergencies during our call only!
  • *If you do not have a Skype username, please go to the Skype website to get one before submitting this form.
  • Please select the week(s) below that work best for you.
  • Please select the time slot below that work best for you.
  • If you are interested in having me visit your school in person, please let me know below. My scheduling coordinator will be in touch with you to discuss logistics and fees.

Thanks for your interest! We appreciate your patience while we get the schedule completed this summer. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email me directly.

❤ Tamara


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