I’m not sure if it’s this way for other authors, but there’s something about seeing the jacket for a hardcover book that makes it all hit me: This is really happening. This is going to be a book. A real, actual book that will live on bookshelves in pretty bookstores and — if I’m really lucky — something that people will hold in their hands and… *gasp* read.

When I first saw the jacket for Time Between Us, that feeling was overwhelming. Honestly, I thought it was one of those first-time things I’d never experience quite the same way twice, but I’ve got to tell you, it happened again when I saw the jacket for Time After Time. It suddenly feels like a real book.

Even though this part feels magical to me, I know it’s not actually magical, because it takes a lot of hard work from many dedicated people at HYPERION to make Time After Time look so beautiful and bring it to readers. I’m thrilled that I get the honor of showing it off!


I’ll start with the cover, which by now, you’ve probably seen because I can’t stop talking about it:


Here’s what my incredibly talented cover designer, Whitney Manger, had to say about choosing the models, Madison & Max:

“Anna has a strong, independent spirit but also has a side to her that is vulnerable, especially when she starts falling for Bennett. When I met Madison, our model, I thought she embodied those two sides of Anna’s personality. There is a strength to her beauty and to her presence, but there’s also a sense of fragility. 

“When we cast Bennett, we knew it was likely that he would be out of focus on the final cover, but we still of course wanted someone as handsome and as hot as we envisioned Bennett when we read the manuscript! Max fit the bill perfectly, and he and Madison had great chemistry.”

Whitney, along with my wonderful editor, Lisa Yoskowitz, were so kind to share the story behind this cover concept and some amazing images from the photo shoot. Read more HERE.


Now for the front flap. This is what you’ll find if you open the cover and look inside:

front flap

Intrigued? I hope so!


Now, you may have already seen the cover and read the description above, but here’s something we haven’t shared before: An excerpt from Time After Time.

While Time Between Us is told from Anna’s perspective, this story is told from Bennett’s point of view, and this excerpt gives you a sense of the 17-year-old time traveler you’ll get to know well over the course of this story. Time Between Us readers might also recognize the setting.


Now, I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to expressing my gratitude for these amazing quotes.

I finally had the chance to meet the lovely Melissa Marr in person at the RT Booklovers Convention a few months ago, and I had a wonderful time getting to know her better. I was able to thank her face-to-face for this incredible blurb, but I’m still going say it again here: THANK YOU for your kind words about this story, Melissa!

I’m equally grateful to the reviewers at Booklist, School Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly for taking the time to read Time Between Us and for sharing their insights. THANK YOU. (click the links above to read the full reviews.)


And finally, we have an updated bio, located on the inside back flap.



Here’s the full jacket:

TAT jacket FINAL

Isn’t that just beautiful? I can’t wait to finally hold this book in my hands. THANK YOU, Hyperion.


I’ve been excited to share this story with readers for such a long time, but I’m even more excited now that it’s available on NetGalley (you can request it here) and people have started reading and sharing their thoughts.

Here are some of the things they’re saying about Time After Time:

“Perfect! Wonderful! Delightful! Both books in this series were a fresh take on the time traveler story and were remarkably good reads.” Hastings High School Library, Dallas, TX  

Time Between Us was one of my favorite reads of 2012. Time After Time is just as beautiful and rich as Time Between Us, but in many ways, it’s a much more thought-provoking and adult novel. Time After Time is, in a word, wonderful. It’s the epitome of everything that beautiful, contemporary YA should be.”  Celeste Pewter

“Wow. Another fantastic book. So many times sequels are a disappointment, but I loved Time After Time. I have been telling everyone that if they haven’t read Time Between Us, it is a great time to do so! Great, great story of time-travel and love.” Reving, Reving’s Blog

“Just absolutely phenomenal. I don’t even have words for it. It was heartbreaking and funny and has such a perfect ending.” Stacee, Too Fond of Books

“If you haven’t picked up this series, you should do so now. This is what all Contemporary YA should aspire to… a beautifully told story filled with love, romance, and friendship.” Jamie Arkin, Fic Fare

“I adored this book. It’s just as gorgeous and poignant and heartbreaking as Time Between Us. So, so good. If you enjoyed the first book, you will LOVE this one!” Kaitlyn, The Bookworm

“If you’ve read Time Between Us? You want to read Time After Time. (And if you haven’t read Time Between Us yet…I don’t know what you’re waiting for; but consider this to be your nudge.) Warning: FEELS ahead.” Kristin, Beneath Shining Stars

The last few years have been a whirlwind of non-stop activity, and bringing these two books to life hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve loved writing them more than you’ll ever know. It has been a joy to spend my days with Anna & Bennett (I miss them already), and writing their story has changed me in wonderful and irreversible ways. I’ll always be grateful.

Readers: I’m constantly thankful you for all your support and kind words. You have made this daring adventure of mine so unbelivably fun, and far more rewarding than I ever expected it to be. Thank you.


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