Thank you for making me brave.

LITTLE DO WE KNOW comes out in two weeks and I’ve been an emotional bundle of nerves all day! It’s always like that as release day nears, but this one feels a little different. When I wrote EVERY LAST WORD, I talked about writing as therapy. I introduced you to Sam and Caroline, who taught

World Poetry Day | The Giving Keys

I recently discovered The Giving Keys and had this beauty made. I'll wear it for a while, but as you can see, it's not mine to keep. Just like Caroline said, we pass the key on. I'm not sure who this is going to, but someday it will find its new owner. It might

3 Amazing Events, 2 Non-Stop Weeks, 1 Happy Me!

A post shared by Tamara Ireland Stone (@tamaraistone) on Apr 30, 2016 at 3:04pm PDT Three amazing events, two nonstop weeks, one happy me! I just posted all my photos from #TLA, Cavalcade of Authors, and #YALLWEST on my Facebook page. GO TAKE A LOOK

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OCD Awareness Week

In honor of OCD awareness week, I’ve made donations to three non-profit organizations that are doing wonderful things to raise awareness about OCD and reaching out to teens who are struggling with their mental health: ReachOut: Helping young adults who struggle with feelings of hopelessness and thoughts of suicide to build resilience, withstand tough times and

YANovCon | Recap (2015)

What a fun and inspiring weekend! I spent last Saturday with a fantastic group of authors and local teens at YANovCon, and Sunday with my good friend @veronica-rossi meeting readers at The Livermore Public Library. What a fun and inspiring weekend! I spent last Saturday with a fantastic group of authors and local teens

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OCD Awareness Week

For OCD Awareness Week, I’ll be sharing some of the articles, videos and other research materials I found most helpful in writing Every Last Word. I’ll also share some recent interviews on teen mental health and the 16-year-old behind this story. OCD is often misunderstood and I’ve learned so much along the way (and I’m

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Bay Area Book Festival

Bay Area Book Festival I just got some great news! EVERY LAST WORD will be on sale for the very first time at the Bay Area Book Festival, June 6-7 in Berkeley. That’s 10 days before the official on sale date! I’ll be speaking on Sunday, June 7 at 12:30 on the Teen Stage, and signing


  The latest updates from my Facebook page.   I loved the new movie About Time, a story about a young time traveler who uses his gift to try to change the past. If you enjoyed this time travel tale that's heavy on the romance and light on the sci-fi, I bet you'd love Time Between Us and Time After Time,

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Hey, it’s September!

Okay, first of all, how did it get to be September? October 9 has seemed so far away for so long, and now... somehow... magically, it's just around the corner. And I get to say: "I have a book coming out next month!". Ahhh, that was nice. May I say it again? "I have a