Time Between Us

“El Tiempo Entre Nosotros”

I've been so excited to see Time Between Us published in different languages and available around the world. And today, thanks to Ediciones B, you'll now find El tiempo entre nosotros on bookshelves and eReaders! Take a look at the beautiful Spanish edition!     Spanish plays a huge role in this story! Anna's chosen foreign language is Spanish, and

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The Time Travel Contest Winner!

Happy November! First, a shout out for those of you doing NaNoWriMo this year. Good luck, have fun, and happy writing! You're all rockstars! So, did you see the winners for the YAmazing Race yet? If not, you can find the FOUR prize pack winners HERE. Special congratulations to CHERYL, the Smashing Pumpkins winner! In addition

Review | Publishers Weekly: Time Between Us

I'm so excited to share this review of Time Between Us in Publishers Weekly: “This warm, time-bending romance... will have readers rooting for the couple that keeps daring fate.”   The cute new boy at school, Bennett Cooper, keeps disappearing on steadfast Anna Greene in this warm, time-bending romance, set in 1995. High school junior Anna feels stuck in

Time Between Us | Blog Tour: Final Week!

I have to start today's post by thanking all the people who have made the last two weeks of the Time Between Us blog tour such an incredible success! Hyperion teamed up with Authors on the Web to put this three-week tour together, and I couldn't be more impressed or grateful. Thanks so much, guys! And of course,

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Time Between Us | Blog Tour: Week Two

Hey guys! I'm still in Portland enjoying my post-Wordstock high. I'll post pictures soon but for now, believe me, this was an amazing event! And look. My hotel room door is a chalkboard!   Today, I'm planning to do a lot of writing and to see a bit of Portland, and then I'm heading down

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On Gratitude.

The official Time Between Us Launch Party was last week, but we also threw a private book celebration in our town over the weekend. It was a great way to bring together the many people throughout our community -- friends, teachers, family -- who have watched my publishing journey and have been so supportive. I

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Time Between Us | Blog Tour Kicks Off This Week!

Woot! It's launch week and we're celebrating with the help of some fantastic book bloggers! If you're curious about my time travel rules, my romantic inspirations, or if you just want to learn more about Anna, Bennett, and me, come join us! Here's the line up for Week #1: Monday, October 8: First stop is

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Booklist | Time Between Us Review

I'm thrilled with this review from Booklist: "The story will hold readers with its twists and turns, present and future; its love, sadness, and anger; and especially, its surprising secrets.” TIME BETWEEN US Author: Stone, Tamara Ireland ISBN: 9781423159568 Mystery and time travel blend with romance in this exciting debut novel. In suburban Chicago in 1995, 16-year-old Anna

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The Winner!

For the last two weeks, I've been celebrating the final hardcover of Time Between Us with a contest to give away these three books: Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr, Miracle by Elizabeth Scott, and Time Between Us. The books have been hanging out together and having lots of fun, and they're thrilled to learn about

Dual Launchiness!

Ingrid Paulson and I have a lot in common: We're both debut young adult authors We share a launch date for our debut novels: OCTOBER 9th We both live in the San Francisco Bay Area Our books both feature strong girls who are standing in front of their boys on our covers. See:       

If I Could, I Would…

So... I got to write one more check to yet another amazing band. The members of Phish were kind enough to let me use the lyrics from their song, If I Could, in the pages of Time Between Us, and I couldn't be more grateful! Here's the story. I'm inspired by music, and when I'm writing,

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Hey, it’s September!

Okay, first of all, how did it get to be September? October 9 has seemed so far away for so long, and now... somehow... magically, it's just around the corner. And I get to say: "I have a book coming out next month!". Ahhh, that was nice. May I say it again? "I have a

We Have A Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for advance copies of TIME BETWEEN US and Gina Linko's FLUTTER. Gina and I were blown away by the responses. Thank you SO much for your interest in our stories! And the winner of the ARC of TIME BETWEEN US is... Nasia, from Ontario, Canada! Congratulations, Nasia. I'll

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