Music Video | So Long, Lazy Ray

My new novel, Every Last Word, is about a popular girl named Samantha who discovers a secret poetry club hidden beneath the school theater. When Sam first finds Poet’s Corner, she’s terrified and overwhelmed. The whole room is painted black, the furniture is completely random, and the walls are covered with scraps of

Giveaway | Build the Girls Gone Sci-Fi Playlist

In just 16 days, Jessica B., Jessica K., Lauren and I will be hitting the road for the Girls Gone Sci-fi Tour! We're looking forward to spending a week together visiting schools, libraries, and bookstores. But there's something in between all those wonderful stops that we're equally excited about... THE ROAD TRIP. The four of us agree

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Music: “Anna Timeless” & “Bennett’s Garage Mix”

When I created the Time Between Us & Time After Time playlists, I was a purist about two things: (1) Keeping Anna's playlists limited to songs that were relevant and popular in 1995 (2) Mapping the songs to the events in the books, so they play like a soundtrack. Throughout the process of writing these two books,

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Playlist Blog Hop: Anna Song #4

Can you believe it? Time After Time will be out in the world in almost two weeks! Over the last five months, ten wonderful bloggers have helped me count down the days to release by unveiling songs from the new Time After Time playlists. I'm so grateful to all of them: June 10 (Bennett): Jessica at Jessica

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Two Playlist Picks!

We're nearing the end of our Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop (click here for more details) -- only few more stops left. I hope you've been having fun with Anna and Bennett's music! I have thank all the wonderful bloggers who have brought so much enthusiasm to this five-month event, and all the people who have played

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Playlist Blog Hop Pick #6

So, if you've been following our Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop closely, you know it's the 22nd of the month, and that makes this the week for an Anna song. But guess what? We're giving you a Bennett song instead. Here's the scoop. I switched a few things around because one of these amazing bloggers

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Playlist Blog Hop: Pick #5

Happy 8th everyone! We're only TWO months away from the release of Time After Time and I couldn't be more excited! That also means that we're up to pick #5 in the Time After Time Blog Hop, a musical countdown to release day. Perhaps it's time for a recap, yes? You can read all about the

Playlist Blog Hop: Pick #4

So, what do you think? Are you guys having fun with the Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop? I sure hope so, because I'm having a blast sharing the music and reading your comments. Thank you! And thanks to all of you who have entered my blog partners' giveaways -- congratulations to all the winners so

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Playlist Blog Hop: Pick #3

Friends! It's the 8th of July and you know what that means? Well... actually it means two things: #1: It's the 8th, and that means it's time to reveal a new song from Bennett's playlist. #2: It's July, and that means that Time After Time will hit shelves three months from today! THREE MONTHS! Whoa... I

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Playlist Blog Hop: Pick #2

I am so excited about today's next song reveal on the Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop. Two weeks ago, Jessica Love shared her pick from Bennett's playlist, and today, Jen from A Book and a Latte is unveiling her favorite from Anna's. Today's song is one of my all-time favorites. The iconic album came out

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Speaking of Music…

I've been talking about music a lot over the last two weeks! First, we kicked off the Time After Time Playlist Blog Hop with Jessica Love and her song pick from Bennett's Playlist, "Here We Are (Chancer)" by one of our favorite bands, Silversun Pickups. Then, Elena at Novel Sounds, was kind enough to include me in

Playlist Blog Hop!

Here are a few things you may have heard about my next book: •  The title is Time After Time. •  It’s a sequel (and the conclusion) to Time Between Us. •  The story is told from Bennett’s point of view. •  It has a beautiful cover (thank you awesome Hyperion design team!) that looks like this:

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